v memo enDo you forget where you have put things in the house?
Do you often listen to yourself saying: "What was I saying now?"
Are you unable to recall words or names? Is it impossible for you to concentrate and your attention is constantly divided? These are maybe the first fatigue signs of your memory and concentration ability due to the tiring rate of living.
The best way to enhance concentration and strengthen your memory is rest, good sleep, calmness and of course the appropriate diet. But when diet is not enough, there is one more valuable ally!



VITAL Memo® comes in a package of 30 Lipidcaps™.

Without mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, PCB's and dioxins.

Without sugar and preservatives. Appropriate for diabetics.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information Table


VITAL Memo® is a specialized food supplement, rich in nutritional elements contributing to memory and concentration enhancement. Specifically it contains:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (ΕPA & DHA): By fish oils of high purity, which improve mental capacities and thinking speed
  • Rhodiola (Golden root): Plant with adaptogenic effect, to increase mental and physical performance
  • Phosphatidylserine Renews membranes of the brain cells, enhancing memory, concentration & mental sharpness
  • Arginine: Offers energy to the brain and enhances brain functions
  • L-Glutamin: Amino-acid that helps in acquisition of new knowledge as well as memory conservation in hippocampus
  • Co-enzyme Q10: Reduces fatigue, is powerful and necessary fat-soluble anti-oxidant
  • Α-lipoic acid: Ideal & ultra powerful anti-oxidant. Extends metabolic life period of vitamin C and the co-enzyme Q10 and implicitly renews vitamin E
  • Oil extract from rosemary: Incites blood circulation to the brain and enhances concentration and memory
  • Folic acid & Β-vitamins' complex: Contributes to proper brain function, while their lack is associated with depression and learning ability limitations
  • Magnesium: Assists the "recall" function of memory, enhances learning ability

VITAL Memo® is required by your body if :

  • You are a student before or during exams period
  • You have realized memory and concentration loss
  • You work under stress with strong mental activity
  • You feel mental exhaustion
  • You need to boost your brain function that tends to decrease as the years pass