vital v plus Q10 enWe need energy at all moments...
To live, to breathe, to walk, to work, to study, even to sleep...

The fast pace and stress of daily routine, work requirements, stressful conditions in combination with irregular, non-balanced eating habits often lead to lack of valuable energy and vitality.

The VITAL® plus Q10 food supplement contributes to the attainment of energy and vitality as well as anti-oxidant protection needed by the body to fulfil its everyday obligations.

VitalQ10 30 ing

vital q10

It comes in three packages of 14, 30 and 60 Lipidcaps™, but also in the form of effervescent tablets with a great flavour of three citrus fruits.

VITAL® plus Q10 does not contain sugar, iodine, gluten and preservatives.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information Table


VITAL® plus Q10 is a compact and balanced multivitamin food supplement containing:

  • 2 Stabilized Ginseng Extracts:
  • Korean Panax Ginseng (For physical & mental stimulation)
  • Siberian Ginseng Extract (For immune system enhancement)

The Ginseng extract, known from ancient years, offers stimulation for the body and the mind, relieving us from the feeling of tiredness.

  • Q10 Co-enzyme 10 mg

The Q10 co-enzyme is not only a very effective anti-oxidant, as it protects the body from free radicals, but is also necessary to transform chemical energy obtained from food to biological energy, which is required for the body.

  • Vitamins, metals and trace elements

It contains b-carotene instead of vitamin A, aiming to supplement nutrition and offer anti-oxidant protection.

VITAL® plus Q10 is required for your body if :

  • You feel tiredness, faintness and lack of vitality
  • You are on a diet to lose weight
  • Your diet is unstable and non-balanced
  • You would like to enhance your body and mental performance, you are a student or a very active person
  • You have greater needs in nutrients, you are an athlete or in recovery
  • You are facing a stressful period
  • You are a smoker and/or consume large quantities of alcohol