v silver 50 enIt is nice to grow up feeling good and creative. People aged over 50 are today more and more active. For this reason, they have specialized requirements in nutrients necessary for good health as well as daily stimulation and energy.

It is important, at this life stage, to ensure the supply of a large variety of nutrients through diet, to assist in maintaining our good health and vitality. Although a balanced diet is of major significance, food supplements containing key nutrients may assist in satisfying the specialized nutritional requirements of this age group.

These increasing needs are meant to be covered by VITAL Silver®, a compact and balanced multivitamin food supplement with specialized formulation.

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It comes in a package of 30 Lipidcaps™.

VITAL Silver® does not contain sugar, iodine, gluten and preservatives.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information Table


The specialized formulation of the VITAL Silver® includes among others, 4 key substances which stimulate and enhance the body's function:

  • Standardized Extract Panax Ginseng CA Meyer 50mg, of excellent quality and purity, for physical & mental function stimulation
  • 10mg Q10 Co-enzyme in soy oil base (natural origin), strong anti-oxidant contributing to energy & stimulation of the body
  • L-Carnitine 100mg, for endurance improvement

Moreover, VITAL Silver® contains 10mg lutein (1% zeaxanthin) and 600μg folic acid. Lutein is an anti-oxidant substance which, according to international literature, offers protection against ophthalmic degenerations and assists in maintaining normal vision. Folic acid contributes to cardiovascular system protection. Besides the above mentioned, VITAL Silver® contains also 12 vitamins, 11 metals & trace elements.

VITAL Silver® is your body's requirement when you are aged 50 or more and want :

  • Energy, vitality and well-being
  • Nutritional deficiencies coverage
  • Enhancement of the immune system

but also when:

  • You suffer from vision problems as macular degeneration or cataract
  • You are on a hypocaloric diet or in recovery from an illness or surgery