A healthy balanced diet is definitely a gift that anyone can offer to oneself. However, after decades of research, doubts and contradictory findings, scientists have come to the following conclusion:

"A healthy diet alone is not enough to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients"

It is thoroughly documented that most people living in the modern western world do not eat healthily anymore, thus they do not obtain all the necessary nutrients. It has also been documented that in our time, fruits and vegetables, especially those grown conventionally, are not as nourishing as their distant... ancestors, grown within normal time periods, in clean soil, naturally, without chemicals, pesticides and hormones.
In fact, studies have shown that from 1970 until today, due to mass production and intense use of pesticides, the content of vitamins and trace elements in fruits and vegetables has shown a significant decrease.

As a result, we enjoy more quantity and variety but actually... we are inadequately nourished, as the nutritional value of foods has actually decreased.

Therefore, if we were living in a perfect world, where everybody would be ideally nourished, our health would be guarded through food. However, in modern reality, this is not achieved, since neither all nutrients get on our plates nor all population groups have access to them.

For this reason, food supplements and multivitamins have gained and possess an important role in our everyday life.