VITAL® Food Supplements,
have already recorded an 18-year history of successful presence in the Greek market, with sales that rank them high among the preferences of Greek consumers.

The VITAL® plus Q10 food supplement was launched in the Greek market in 1996 gaining acceptance and trust of the pharmacists, the medical community as well as the consumers.

In 2004, VITAL® Silver with a specialized and innovative formulation, completely satisfied the needs of the 50+ age group, providing energy and stimulation along with the required anti-oxidant protection.

In 2008, VITAL EFFERVESCENT®, in the form of effervescent tablets, was preferred particularly by younger consumers thanks to its natural flavour of three citrus fruits and the immediate energy and vitality it induces.

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With honesty and respect to people and their actual needs, in 2011 we created and developed 3 new innovative VITAL® food supplements with quality supremacy in terms of raw material selection, capsule pharmaceutical form (LipidCaps™ technology) as well as specialized formulation:

VITAL Memo® - contributing effectively to memory and concentration enhancement.

VITAL Cardio® designed to preserve good health of the heart and the circulatory system

VITAL Cold® aiming to enhance the immune system and treat colds.